Google and Microsoft Agreed on Regulatory Treaty

sddadGoogle and Microsoft have both agreed to stop with the regulatory complaints they had with one another. Their plan is to peacefully agree if there is some kind of concern regarding technology matters in the future. These two companies are the biggest competitors on the technology market, but as they stated, their plan is to compete based on the quality and value on their products, and not in the legal court proceedings. They already dropped the regulatory concerns and complaints they had against each other. US based technology competitors have both agreed last year to end their litigation regarding patent infringement. Microsoft have stated that this decision for dropping out all the complaints they had against Google is about changing their priorities, but they will still continue to challenge and compete with their biggest rivals. This decision came just a few weeks after EU have opened an anti-monopoly battle against Google, accusing the technology giant for abuse of power regarding the dominance of their smartphone operating system for Android devices. These charges are expected to affect Google`s mobile phone strategies, and could easily change the outlook of the global mobile device sector. However, Google and Microsoft have stated that this regulatory treaty is not related in any case with the latest charges against Google in Europe. Also, Microsoft have already made a few collaborations with their rivals Google, such as adapting some of Google`s most popular productivity programs for their Apple platform devices.