Google Glass Helps in Solving Medical Problems around the Globe

Google_Glass_with_frameGoogle Glass is a type of eyewear equipped with different computer functions. This eyewear does not have lenses, but has a tiny rectangular screen close to the eye which serves as a computer screen. The right frame also has a built-in mouse for navigation. Google Glass proved to be a good tool for potentially saving lives and solving medical problems around the world. Scientists have developed a new application by which you can take a picture from a diagnostic test and then send it directly to a remote computer for processing. Then the computer will immediately send back diagnosis report and possible solutions for the user. This is especially helpful as it will help the doctors and scientists to track and solve problems and diseases in any part of the world. So how does Google Glass work? They work in a way in which the built-in computer transfers the images of the test strip by using the QR code to the more powerful and stronger computers in some other part of the globe for further analysis. Then the diagnostic solution is streamed back to the user. In case if the Google Glass user is located in some part of the world where there is no Wi-Fi connection, then the user can directly connect the Google Glass to a mobile phone in order to get the data. Initial tests using the Google Glass showed positive results, as the correct medical solutions were available just a few seconds after sending the information.