Methods for Efficiently Curing Ringworm

Sea-Salt-For-RingwormRingworm is one of the common skin conditions which usually affect children. Ringworms are often itchy and irritating, but there are some creams that are very helpful in the treatment of this condition. Ringworm is not something unusual, and besides children it also affects adults. Some statistics point out that almost twenty percent of the people get ringworm on their skin sometimes in their lives. Ringworm usually appears on the legs and arms, but they can appear everywhere, even on the head. They are small and red, itchy dots. Although they are called Ringworm, they have nothing in common with worms. They are called that way because of the fungi named dermatophytes which settle on the dead skin cells. Ringworm usually spreads when people share towels, combs, brushes or clothing. They are contagious and usually spread quickly. In order to prevent them from appearing you should maintain good hygiene. Pets are also affected by ringworm. Due to the fact that ringworm appears because of the fungus, good treatments involve using different antifungal creams and medicines. Antibiotics are not helpful in the battle against ringworm. There are several types of shampoos that help against scalp ringworms, but oral medication also helps. Treatment usually lasts about couple of weeks. Antifungal creams that contain the ingredients called clotrimazole and miconazole are very efficient in the treatment of ringworm. Before using an antifungal cream you should carefully wash and dry out the infected area. The cream should be evenly applied on and around the affected area. Continue using the cream according to the instructions, even if the red dot has disappeared. If your skin does not become better in a couple of weeks, then consult a doctor. Besides this, there are a few home remedies which you can use for treating the ringworm. These include applying Aloe Vera, apple cider vinegar or coconut oil. for-healthy-liver