NASA Starts Experimenting With Green Aviation Technology

m16-017Ever since NASA was established, they were not just created for developing and designing different kinds of aircraft, but they were always regarded as one of the pioneers for setting new boundaries of innovation and technology. Now they are starting something new by experimenting with green aviation technology. NASA has announced that they will launch a new program called “New Aviation Horizons”. Under this program NASA plans to design new types of X-Planes within the next ten years. The new planes will be designed by using modern green aviation technology. NASA`s X-Planes were always considered as the top of the advanced technology. For example, their X-1 Plane was the first to break the sound barrier almost seventy years ago. Other planes from the X series also came with lots of advances, such as vertical landings and take-offs, ramjets or sweeping wings. Latest X-Plane was unveiled in 2013 which was tested in flying very long distances at high altitudes, without people actually flying the plane. This is not all, as NASA already started planning a new type of supersonic airplane that should be tested in about five years from now. This involves testing with new Quiet Supersonic Technology that should reduce or almost eliminate the sonic booms made by planes. The main reason for developing all of these so-called green technologies is to reduce the carbon emissions from the airplanes. Having in mind that the fuel prices are expected to get higher in the near future; these technologies can also be very beneficial for the consumers and carriers.