Pokémon Go Reaches Twitter’s Daily Users

pokemongoWe can freely say that Pokémon Go is a mobile app that has broken many records in terms of popularity. This is the most played game in the US today and according to the latest news, the number of Pokémon Go daily users has reached the number of active Twitter users. At the same time, people spend more time on Pokémon Go compared to Facebook! A few days ago we have found that Pokémon Go has more users than the popular dating application Tinder. About ten days ago, there were more Pokémon Go installs than Tinder app installs on app store. The same statistics show that almost 6% of Android users in the United States use this gaming app every day. It seems that Pokemon Go has even reached most middles eastern countries such as Iran and Dubai. Even thought, these countries tend to not have good GPS data available. Again this shows that GPS is not essentially needed for this game. This is due to the fact that there is a new tool Called "Play Pokemon Go Without Moving", which allows the user to play the game without being required to change different locations. However, we will not recommend this tool, as it would totally destroy the main concept of the game which is to make people active and entertain them at the same time.

AmehShahins: Top 5 Netflix Movies

Netflix-global-launchPopularity of the streaming company Netflix continues to rise as the service reached the mark of 80 million subscribers in 2016. However, their forecasts for further growth of subscribers in the second part of the year would most likely not be met. Last quarter led to more than two million new subscribers of the service in the U.S., and their revenue went up to about 20% more than last year. Interestingly, Netflix stated that over 40 % of their streaming service subscribers come outside of USA. The reason why Netflix will not meet their goals for the following quarter in 2016 is because of the weaker International subscription projections. The first quarter of 2016 was successful due to some extremely popular series such as “House of Cards” and “Daredevil”.

Sunglasses Are Great Protection for Your Eyes

Protect-Your-Eyes1Sunglasses are not just created as a fashion piece, but their main purpose is to protect your eyes from dangerous sun-rays. However, not all sunglasses offer good protection, so you need to be careful and seek for high quality sunglasses that provide enough protection for your eyes. Wearing quality sunglasses is essential in prevention of eyesight loss. Prolonged staying under sun and being exposed to the dangerous UV rays can lead to several problems, such as eye cancer, cataract or cornea burning. That is why you need a quality pair of sunglasses. How to choose best sunglasses? First thing you should look for is polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses have lens layers that are efficiently blocking the glares that come from cars, water or road surfaces. They reduce the dangerous glares which can destroy your sight. Buying sunglasses from optometrist or a reputable shop is always advisable as a guarantee that you will get quality sunglasses. Check out how the sunglasses are packed and make sure that sunglasses you intend to buy offer 100% UV protection, as well as good blocking of the dangerous blue light. Reputable eye care specialists recommend you to wear sunglasses any time you are exposed to ultraviolet rays, in order to

Proper Diet for Children that Practice Sports

balanced-diet-for-childrenChildren that practice some kind of sports need a proper diet according to their training and sports regiments. Low intake of nutrients, vitamins and low energy can lead to poor results in sports activities. Children have much different needs than the adults and they need lot more energy for training and for overall development. When puberty hits, girls and boys usually develop really fast, and this is the time when boys usually gain lots of muscle mass. In order for the children to be healthy and to show good results in their physical activities they need to eat food that will give them more energy. Food full of proteins, minerals and carbohydrates could help a lot in their development. Children`s protein requirements are very much increased during adolescent years. The intake of proteins should be about one quarter of the total energy that is being consumed through food. Intake of vitamin supplements is not that necessary if the child has a diet that involves eating various types of food that is full of nutrients. Food that has plenty of calcium, iron and zinc is very important especially in those years when the children are growing rapidly. Eating food that is full of fiber is also important as it provides lots of energy to the young organism. Example for this kind of food is the cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables, and whole grain breads. Staying hydrated is also important in the teenage years, as the young organism requires lots of water. Soda drinks should be avoided as they contribute more towards getting fat instead of helping the muscles. Sugary drinks and foods can be harmful in

Advice for Preventing Hair Loss

how-to-prevent-hair-lossInteresting thing is that many studies have pointed out that hair loss is closely connected to increased level of stress. If you suffer or notice hairs dropping out from your head then you should start working on controlling the stressful situations. Stress has always been a major factor for many significant body changes. Stress can affect both your mind and your body. In order to avoid and prevent losing your hair completely, try following these techniques that should help you in better management of stress.

Methods for Efficiently Curing Ringworm

Sea-Salt-For-RingwormRingworm is one of the common skin conditions which usually affect children. Ringworms are often itchy and irritating, but there are some creams that are very helpful in the treatment of this condition. Ringworm is not something unusual, and besides children it also affects adults. Some statistics point out that almost twenty percent of the people get ringworm on their skin sometimes in their lives. Ringworm usually appears on the legs and arms, but they can appear everywhere, even on the head. They are small and red, itchy dots. Although they are called Ringworm, they have nothing in common with worms. They are called that way because of the fungi named dermatophytes which settle on the dead skin cells. Ringworm usually spreads when people share towels, combs, brushes or clothing. They are contagious and usually spread quickly. In order to prevent them from appearing you should maintain good hygiene. Pets are also affected by ringworm. Due to the fact that ringworm appears because of the fungus, good treatments involve using different antifungal creams and medicines. Antibiotics are not helpful in the battle against ringworm. There are several types of shampoos that help against scalp ringworms, but oral medication also helps. Treatment usually lasts about couple of weeks.