Google Glass Helps in Solving Medical Problems around the Globe

Google_Glass_with_frameGoogle Glass is a type of eyewear equipped with different computer functions. This eyewear does not have lenses, but has a tiny rectangular screen close to the eye which serves as a computer screen. The right frame also has a built-in mouse for navigation. Google Glass proved to be a good tool for potentially saving lives and solving medical problems around the world. Scientists have developed a new application by which you can take a picture from a diagnostic test and then send it directly to a remote computer for processing. Then the computer will immediately send back diagnosis report and possible solutions for the user. This is especially helpful as it will help the doctors and scientists to track and solve problems and diseases in any part of the world.

How to Get Better Vision without Glasses?

How to Get Better Vision without Glasses? Better-Eyesight-Without-GlassesThe first thing that you do when you have a concern of blurred vision is to see an eye doctor who examines your eyes. And then to your horror, you get to know that the need to wear eye glasses or contact lenses has touched your eye even. While this is the most common concern of many individuals across the globe, there are still many who do not prefer wearing them on. Traversing the varied myths is the fact that one can certainly get better vision without glasses and this is truly possible in the most natural way.

The 15 Minute Miracle of Fat Burning Furnace Exercises

imagesEvery individual has an inner desire to lose weight, shred those extra pounds off and burn those additional calories. This desire remains constant for any age; however there are many instances where individuals are unable to fulfill this desire due to a multitude of reasons. The most important one being the time constraint, as there is a constant need to achieve targets, meet goals and objectives at work and more. That’s where they tend to opt for a diet plan and in most cases; it does not work as expected due to the uncontrolled nature of hunger cravings. All these reasons and situations gave birth to the Fat Burning Exercises program which is a high intensity fat burning work out. Features of the Fat Burning Furnace Exercises Ordering your copy of this 15 minute miraculous program is going to transform your world from being fat to being fit in no time. All you need to do is to turn your body into a fat burning furnace and use the exercises system for only 15 minutes each day. This system works on your body for the next three days thereby keeping a control on your hunger cravings, boosting the body metabolism and eliminating the fat from the body. imagesdddThis miraculous program comes in two different packages for you to choose from. So, if you have already spent a whooping number of bucks on varied medical treatments, dietary supplements, cardio exercises, ABB slimmer exercisers to name a few, this is probably the ultimate solution for you to shred those extra pounds off your body now. So, what are you waiting for?

Young boy hospitalised over dangerous stunt!

The young boy known as “Iranian Spider Man” was hospitalised after losing control, while climbing the bridge. As shown in the video, he lost control while trying to move to next rod, which caused him to fall down from a bridge located in Ahwaz city in Iran.

The man, whose name has not been revealed (known as Iranian Spider-Man), attempted the stunt on a steel pedestrian bridge in the Iran’s war city of Ahwaz. The White Bridge was officially inaugurated in the year of 1936 where Iran was at the age of infrastructural progress under the rule of Reza Shah. The white bridge ( Pol Sefid) is 22 ft tall and is mainly built of steel and concrete, which makes it highly risky for any kind of climbing stunt. No one has ever been successful climbing this bridge with bare hand and this could be the daring reason to persuade the Iranian Spider-Man to try this deadly stunt.


His Failed attempt was caught on camera by an eyewitness and later on shared on social media (Facebook and Telegram). As you can witness in the video the young man only aged 31 years old falls down from Pol Sefid, on to concrete base while climbing extremely high structure bridge and showing his fearlessness by hanging off by one hand.

The reason for his fall is still known, however the eyewitnesses say that the wind was too strong on that day. The man is seen making his way across the top of the bridge, swinging by his arms from the structure until a strong breeze of wind caused him to fall down.

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