Proper Diet for Children that Practice Sports

balanced-diet-for-childrenChildren that practice some kind of sports need a proper diet according to their training and sports regiments. Low intake of nutrients, vitamins and low energy can lead to poor results in sports activities. Children have much different needs than the adults and they need lot more energy for training and for overall development. When puberty hits, girls and boys usually develop really fast, and this is the time when boys usually gain lots of muscle mass. In order for the children to be healthy and to show good results in their physical activities they need to eat food that will give them more energy. Food full of proteins, minerals and carbohydrates could help a lot in their development. Children`s protein requirements are very much increased during adolescent years. The intake of proteins should be about one quarter of the total energy that is being consumed through food. Intake of vitamin supplements is not that necessary if the child has a diet that involves eating various types of food that is full of nutrients. Food that has plenty of calcium, iron and zinc is very important especially in those years when the children are growing rapidly. Eating food that is full of fiber is also important as it provides lots of energy to the young organism. Example for this kind of food is the cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables, and whole grain breads. Staying hydrated is also important in the teenage years, as the young organism requires lots of water. Soda drinks should be avoided as they contribute more towards getting fat instead of helping the muscles. Sugary drinks and foods can be harmful in many ways, and they can lead towards tooth decay among other things. The much better and healthier alternative would be drinking natural freshly squeezed juice.