Cure Autism With Yoga

yotismIf we take a look at the modern treatments of autism, we will notice that yoga is part of many of these treatments especially when it comes to children dealing with autism. This is an alternative educational mean for kids with special requirements. Many specialists have confirmed that yoga eases aggression, anxiety, obsessive behaviors and pain in kids suffering from autism. In addition, autistic children that practice yoga as a treatment for this health issue are much more successful when it comes to emotion regulation and socialization. There are many centers for autistic children that provide yoga classes. The good news is that more and more people are becoming aware of the problems caused by autism. This means that the treatment options are increasing and their efficiency is getting better too. Having an autistic child doesn’t mean that you should keep that child at home all the time. Children with autism can attend regular kindergartens and schools. These kids also love taking music, dance, art and swimming classes. All these things make these children feel how it looks like to have an “ordinary” life. yogaclas Even though yoga is a new type of treatment for autism the fact is that the first results are promising. Yoga activities provided to autistic children include exercises or asanas (special movements that improve coordination and body awareness), listening to songs and sounds to improve brain activity and deep breathing techniques for better oxygen supply and system performance. Yoga can help children make verbal sounds, find balance and inner peace. If you are suffering from autism, then we strongly suggest that you start going to yoga classes at your local gym or just visiting the nearest yoga workshop. Yoga will most definitely help you reduce your aggression, pain, anxiety, obsessive and most importantly self-stimulatory behaviors. Also keep in mind that yoga will increase your confidence and self esteem, which most autistic people suffer from. It is good to mention that this is a new concept that still doesn’t have sufficient research. In addition, we should not forget that every autistic child has different needs and has different characteristics, so yoga classes should be tailored to their needs. Our friend David from Yoga4all who also suffers from autism, has created this clip for us to share. It’s very informative, so I suggest you take a look and make sure you subscribe to him. (simply click on the image to watch the video) untitled   Again as always if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.