Young boy hospitalised over dangerous stunt!

Iranian Spider-Man hospitalised over dangerous stunt!


The young boy known as “Iranian Spider Man” was hospitalised after losing control, while climbing the bridge. As shown in the video, he lost control while trying to move to next rod, which caused him to fall down from a bridge located in Ahwaz city in Iran.

The man, whose name has not been revealed (known as Iranian Spider-Man), attempted the stunt on a steel pedestrian bridge in the Iran’s war city of Ahwaz. The White Bridge was officially inaugurated in the year of 1936 where Iran was at the age of infrastructural progress under the rule of Reza Shah. The white bridge ( Pol Sefid) is 22 ft tall and is mainly built of steel and concrete, which makes it highly risky for any kind of climbing stunt. No one has ever been successful climbing this bridge with bare hand and this could be the daring reason to persuade the Iranian Spider-Man to try this deadly stunt.


His Failed attempt was caught on camera by an eyewitness and later on shared on social media (Facebook and Telegram). As you can witness in the video the young man only aged 31 years old falls down from Pol Sefid, on to concrete base while climbing extremely high structure bridge and showing his fearlessness by hanging off by one hand.

The reason for his fall is still known, however the eyewitnesses say that the wind was too strong on that day. The man is seen making his way across the top of the bridge, swinging by his arms from the structure until a strong breeze of wind caused him to fall down.

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